Nick Ndenda reveals why he chose vasectomy day after break up with long time girlfriend

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On Tue, 6 Jul, 2021 12:39 | 2 mins read
Nick Ndeda and Muthoni Gitau. PHOTO/YOUTUBE
Nick Ndeda and Muthoni Gitau. PHOTO/YOUTUBE

Media personality Nick Ndeda has become the subject of discussion on social media after he and his former lover Muthoni Gitau, a content creator, announced on Monday that they have separated.

The two had dated for about seven years.

Minutes after news of their break up went viral, a section of Kenyans questioned why he chose to undergo a vasectomy for the sake of his ex-partner only for them to end up parting ways.

The media personality has, however, come out to clear the air on the matter and also reveal why he chose vasectomy.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Ndenda said he chose the family planning method, not for Gitau, but because he does not want kids.

“One final thing on this matter, I did not get a vasectomy for her. I did that for me because I also do not want kids. Any other questions, not up for debate or discussion,” he wrote.

His sentiments came barely a day after he and Gitau ended their seven years of a romantic affair.

Ndeda took to his Instagram page to break the news saying the move was taken in the best interest of both parties.

“This is to let you know that Muthoni and I have decided to separate. This mutual decision we made however personal, does affect certain aspects of our public lives hence why we made this video talking about why what now and what next,” he wrote.

On their shared YouTube channel dubbed ‘Just doing life’, Muthoni on her part said the move was necessary for personal growth.

“For the last seven years, Nick and I have had our ups and downs (and they were many) and one thing we have always said that if either of us felt like this wasn’t working out anymore, we would make that known. At this point, we are going our separate ways,” she said.

“After seven years, this feels like the best decision for both of us. The plan is to grow and heal as individuals as we evaluate what we want moving forward. This video is just to avoid any speculations moving forward as we explore the next steps in our lives. Please feel free to hold your input on this choice (which has already been made), thank you,” they wrote on the episode's bio.

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