New police station opened following death of Embu brothers

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 30 Aug, 2021 17:10 | 2 mins read
Embu brothers who died mysteriously after being arrested by police. PHOTO/COURTESY

As a way of restoring confidence and fostering peace and reconciliation between police officers and the residents of Kianjokoma in Embu East, the government has opened a new police station.

This is after residents staged demonstrations demanding a police station due to increased insecurity after the death of two Kianjokoma brothers, Benson Njiru,22, and Emmanuel Mutura Ndwiga,19. 

The locals have since faulted the police for killing the two brothers which have strained their relationship with the officers keeping off from interacting with them.

While opening the new police station, Embu North, Deputy county commissioner Jeremiah Tumo urged locals to live well with the new police officers so that they can strengthen security in the area.

“We all know that Kianjokoma became a no go zone following the death of two brothers, we became the focus of the world because people were demanding justice, but today we are implementing some of the resolutions that we said and which locals requested,” Tumo stated.

He said ten police officers and an OCS have been deployed in the station and urged locals to seek any service they want from the station.

“Now we have done what we promise. The new station is here fully operational with ten police officers and an OCS. We have Occurrence Book and now residents can report here,” Tumo added.

Tumo also said the station will have a vehicle by September so that officers can work well for the people.

His sentiments were echoed by Embu East Deputy County commissioner George Omollo who urged Kianjokoma residents to forget what happened and move forward.

Omollo said it is in the heart of the government to ensure security for all Kenyans and residents fully interact with the new police officers to better security in Kianjokoma.

“Let’s forget what happened, and move forward,” Omollo noted.

The DCC pleaded with members of the public to work closely with the administrators to ensure there is peace and order.

Omollo acknowledged goodwill that Kianjokoma residents have so far shown to work with the new officers.

The police boss at the same time urged residents to embrace dialogue whenever there is a problem so that some other happening will not be witnessed.

The station has been build with funds from Runyenjes Constituency Development Fund.