Nelson Havi laughs off viral picture where he’s ‘caught red-handed’ staring at ANC female official

By Bosco Marita On Thu, 20 May, 2021 21:02 | < 1 min read
Nelson Havi and a group of officials at ANC party offices in Lavington, Nairobi. FILE PHOTO: LSK

Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Nelson Havi on Thursday became a subject of social media trend after a section of Kenyans shared a picture of him gazing at a female ANC official.

The picture, captured on Monday when Havi officially joined the ANC party, showed the eyes of the LSK boss somewhat fixed on Tru Asembo, also a friend to the lawyer.

A section of Kenyans made fun of Havi’s vision in the group-of-five photo on social media with others suggesting the LSK boss had admired the lady.

Havi has, however, dismissed the trend and asked Kenyans to stop sending him the picture as well as making unwarranted comments on his posture.

“It is me in the picture with my good friend at ANC, Tru Asembo. Don’t send me the picture. I have it. It was taken by the Presidential Press Service (PPS) and it is, therefore, a public document. Just frame it and hung it hapo kwa sitting room yako,” a seemingly agitated Havi said.

His reaction yet again attracted a section of Kenyans who made fun of him with memes.

Havi joined ANC on Monday just a week after he announced that he will vie for Westlands Parliamentary seat come 2022.

Nearly a fortnight ago, the LSK boss said he was approached by residents of Westlands that he represents them come 2022 at the National Assembly.

He said he granted them the request and exuded confidence that he will win the seat promising to serve them diligently.

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