Ndambiri minces no words in fresh attack on Waiguru

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 2 Jul, 2020 16:08 | 2 mins read
The disrupters talked tough, hurled dire threats and vowed to teach the pro-Waiguru supporters a lesson should they address the press. [PHOTO | FILE]
Kirinyaga Govenor Anne Waiguru and her deputy Peter Ndambiri in happier times. PHOTO | FILE
Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru and her deputy, Peter Ndambiri, during better times. PHOTO | FILE

Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri on Thursday told off his boss Anne Waiguru, accusing her of trying to hide behind politics to evade accountability and survive impeachment.

According to Ndambiri, the governor must end her "shenanigans" and be accountable to the county assembly and Kirinyaga residents.

Speaking during the funeral of Eunice Wanjiru Njeri at Mururi village in Mwea Constituency, the deputy governor who has had a falling out with Governor Waiguru, told her that the MCAs have a responsibility to oversight the Executive and keep it in check.

Without mincing his words, Ndambiri told the governor to explain alleged glaring misappropriation of funds in her office and carry the cross since she is the chief executive of the county.

"Instead of blaming others, she should explain why millions of shillings were paid for no work done or payment of millions of shillings in her account," he said.

Ndambiri also accused the county boss of discrimination in her development agenda, saying each MCA has a right to see projects in their ward.

He said the governor has been withholding development funds to MCAs as a means of punishment.

"I want to condemn what I have observed as discrimination in development by our governor, every person in this county has right for development irrespective of their political affliction. We should stop this backward political thinking," he said.

Ndambiri, who has been at loggerheads with Waiguru since the county assembly commenced impeachment motion against the governor, declared that anyone who has stolen or misappropriated taxpayers' money should be held to account.

The deputy governor also accused his boss of hiding behind the Building Bridges Initiative and Jubilee Party politics to survive impeachment.

"No amount of political machination will stop Kirinyaga people from pursuing and demanding accountability," he said.

The outspoken Ndambiri, whose office had been starved of cash by the governor in the Executive's 2020/2021 proposed budget, said MCAs were within their mandate to impeach the governor.

Waiguru fell out with Ndambiri over the impeachment motion and stripped his office of funds in the now back and forth budget-making process.

But the MCAs this week allocated Ndambiri's office Ksh15.6 million while slashing huge amounts from the Executive's budget.

Speaking at the same function, Kirinyaga ACK Bishop Joseph Kibuchwa supported Ndambiri's sentiment and told the governor to allow accountability in her administration.

Bishop Kibuchwa noted that the Kirinyaga people expected much from the Senate but were disillusioned by the verdict.

He said that every public officer given the mandate by the public must be ready to answer questions when called to account.

"We can't have a rogue public service officer who doesn't want to be questioned. We must be ready to answer hard questions if we want to survive in elective positions," he said.