NCIC threatens to suspend Facebook

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On Fri, 29 Jul, 2022 17:55 | 2 mins read
NCIC threatens to suspend Facebook for seven days
NCIC threatens to suspend Facebook for seven days. PHOTO/Courtesy

The National Cohesion and Integration Committee (NCIC) has threatened to suspend Facebook in Kenya for failing to adhere to hate speech regulations.

While addressing the press on Friday, July 29, 2022, NCIC commander Danvas Makori stated that the social media platform had failed to implement the regulations suggested by the commission adding that the firm had refused to publish peace messages published by the entity.

According to Makori, the social firm had surpressed their attempts to publish and push peace messages on social networking platform.

"We are a Government agency. We have been trying to push peace messages on Facebook but Facebook has been surpressing them. We have been unable to fight hate speech online because Facebook has refused to allow us to publish these messages," he said.

While highlighting the importance of the peace messages, Makori further pointed out that they were also unable to sponsor and boost posts.

NCIC Commander Danvas Makori PHOTO/Courtesy

"We cannot even sponsor posts, we are unable to boost our posts yet Facebook has continuously allowed hate speech to be spread across the platform. The only way to fight hate speech is by introducing peace messages yet we cannot do that despite the fact that we are a Government agency that is clear;ly spreading authorised messages and not propaganda," Makori added.

He added that they have given Facebook seven days to respond to their complaint.

"We have written to Facebook and requested that thy comply with the regulatory requirements we put across. If Facebook fails to do that, we will recommend that Facebook services be suspended in Kenya,

"Facebook has seven days to reply to us, failure to which w take the action of suspension immediately,"Makori remarked.

Makori further alluded that the country was more significant than any politician and multi national corporation, assuring that they will not hesitate to take measures for the country's sake.

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