One of Narok county’s top achievers in KCPE not joining high school

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On Mon, 6 Feb, 2023 12:57 | 3 mins read
One Of Narok county's top achievers in KCPE not joining high school
Ephraim Kamucho Nyambura. PHOTO/George Sayagie

As the admission of Form One students in secondary schools across Kenya Kicks off today, one of Narok county's top achievers who scored 384 marks is at home helping his mother with house chores, baby-seating and gardening.

Ephraim Kamucho Nyambura 14, an alumnus of Entepesi Primary school in Narok North sub-county is now banking on a “miracle” to join Kagumo high school in Nyeri county where he secured a form one slot.

When K24 Digital caught up with him at his mother’s home in Olopito village, 6 kilometres from Narok town, Ephraim, who was holding his admission letter and his result slip, said his dream of becoming an engineer has been shattered.

Ephraim Kamucho Nyambura displays his certificate and admission letter. PHOTO/George Sayagie

Ephraim's hopes are dashed as he can't join Kagumo High School since his mother has no money to pay the over Ksh75,000 annual fees for him required by the institution.

"My mum has no money to pay the Form One fee which amounts to more than Ksh75,000. I have now decided to help her with house chores, taking care of the baby and tilling our quarter-of-an-acre garden as we wait for miracles to happen. I am asking God every morning in my prayers to bring a sponsor on my way so that I can join Kagumo high school,” Ephraim said.

His mother Margaret Maina says she has no money required to pay her son's school fees since she doesn't have a job and has another burden of taking care of her mother who suffers from cancer of the bone.

“I am a single mother, I have no job, I only do odd jobs of washing clothes for people around the estates, I do one-day labour in farms, to be able to get food on the table and get medicine for my sick and ageing mother,” Margaret said.

Ephraim Kamucho Nyambura with his family and former headteacher (in black blouse) PHOTO/George Sayagie

Entepesi primary school headteacher Agnes Kool, says Ephraim is a bright boy who has been leading in his exams through all levels in primary school.

He added that if the boy could get a well-wisher to support him through high school he would definitely become the engineer he is dreaming to be.

"The mother is a single mother who has been struggling to bring up the children through a lot of difficulties and as well as buy cancer drugs for her ailing mother. The boy has a very poor background but a bright one and I call on well-wishers to turn their focus on such children,” Kool said.

Entepesi primary school headteacher Agnes Kool with Ephraim. PHOTO/PHOTO/George Sayagie

Kool added that she has been assisting the boy to apply for scholarships from different organizations like Equity bank, Coop-bank, KCB foundation which called for applications from needy and bright students but he was turned down under unclear circumstances.

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