Nanyuki woman shot by Lamu senator says she wants matter settled out of court

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 29 Oct, 2021 10:13 | < 1 min read
Lamu senator Anuar Loitiptip PHOTO/COURTESY

32-year-old Joy Makena, who was shot on the leg by Lamu senator Anuar Loitiptip, has finally spoken after the shooting incident.

Joy claims that she is ready to settle the matter out of court with the lawmaker.

She narrated how her attempt to mediate peace between the controversial legislator and his female company left her nursing a gunshot wound.

Makena claims that while on their way home, they chanced upon the senator battering a woman with a wooden stick.

The lady raised an alarm, asking them to come to her rescue. Makena and her friends confronted the senator asking him to stop beating the lady.

''Our calls for peace irked him an he pursued us with the stick, throwing it towards our direction," she said.

She further narrates that the senator rushed back to his car for his pistol after his wooden stick failed to hit the group that was seeking to broker peace between him and his female company.

"The lady he was beating told us to run away since the senator had gone to his car to fetch his firearm. We ran to different directions in fear. He came after me and fired at me," she narrates further.

Makena stated that the senator fired two shots at her, with one hitting her leg.

The bandaged Makena claims that she does not have the financial acumen to continue with the court case against the affluent politician.

She stated that the controversial lawmaker has already reached out to her asking for an amicable out of court settlement.