Nairobi w***n in court for selling boyfriend’s household items, moving in with her ex after boyfriend traveled to USA

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On Tue, 16 Nov, 2021 17:18 | 2 mins read
A gavel. PHOTO | FILE
. A gavel. PHOTO | FILE

A Nairobi woman has been taken to court over her refusal to refund Ksh 734,308 which was given to her by her boyfriend for purposes of paying rent and furnishing an apartment. 

According to court documents seen by K24 Digital, Beatrice Moige Bosire, the 1st Respondent, was sent the said amount of money by the claimant, George Manyange her then-boyfriend from July 2020.

Manyonge who had since travelled to the USA for further studies sent the money to Bosire who made the purchases and paid the rent for the house.

“The 1st Respondent reported that she had found a house, House No is 5G, Las Vegas Apartments, Astral, Utawala. The Claimant sent Kshs 734,308 over the period between July 2020 and September 2021 to pay for rent, deposit and to furnish the aforementioned apartment via MPESA and Send wave transfer,” the affidavit read in part.

Bosire is also said to have received Ksh 39,500 shillings from Manyonge which was used to pay for her mobile phone, an iPhone S9+.

"The Claimant sent Kshs. 39, 500 to Vivid Gold Limited (listed as Item No.12 in the table above) to pay for the 1st Respondent’s mobile phone, an iPhone s9+,” the claim by Manyonge made at the small claims court read in part.

However, in August 2021, Bosire told Manyonge that she made the decision to get back with her ex-boyfriend and asked the claimant to allow her keep the household items and the house he had rented through her promising to pay back the amount in full over time. 

The two failed to reach a consensus with the claimant stating that he asked Bosire to leave his belongings instructing her that an associate of his would pick the keys to the rented apartment and take charge of the belongings. 

“He reports that he left his girlfriend in the country and he traveled to USA for study while he was abroad his girlfriend texted him that she wants to go back to her former boyfriend and agreed that the lady can move out and leave his household items,” part of the OB report filed at Mihango police station in Nairobi read in part. 

It is reported that Bosire went against Manyonge’s wishes and took all his household belongings. 

“The lady texted him that she will buy the goods and refund his money but Manyonge resisted. She moved and took all his belongings as follows, TV Hisense, fridge, l-shaped sofa set, White table, TV stand, microwave, cooker, sandwich maker, blender and Philip iron box and 13kg gas cylinder,” the OB report read. 

In the court documents, Manyonge is said to have involved Bosire’s mother, his friend and his mother in solving the tiff to no avail. 

“I have made efforts to reclaim the Ksh734,308 owed by the 1st and 2nd Respondents and even involved my mother and my friend in a bid to resolve the issue amicably. However, my efforts have proven futile due to the 1st Respondent’s arrogance and disrespect,” Manyonge said in the affidavit.