Nairobi: Serial shoplifter pleads g****y to s******g cooking oil worth Ksh104K

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Nairobi: Serial shoplifter pleads guilty to stealing cooking oil worth Ksh104K
Nairobi: Serial shoplifter pleads guilty to stealing cooking oil worth Ksh104K. PHOTO/Courtesy

A serial shoplifter in Nairobi has pleaded guilty to charges spanning from June 5, 2022, into June 18, 2022.

While appearing before Chief Magistrate Anne Mwangi, the suspect, identified as Patrick Angote Andayi, admitted that he shoplifted 57 jerricans of five-litre cooking oil worth Ksh104,404 at Carrefour supermarket at the Village Market in Nairobi.

Before his arrest, Andayi frequently visited the supermarket as he targetted the cooking oils section, where he would steal and cover his tracks by paying for the other items.

His arrest came after an audit undertaken by a security compliance officer at the supermarket revealed that some items from the shop were missing.

At the time, the CCTV footage reviewed by the security compliance allegedly showed Andayi manning the cooking oil section before stealing from the shelves.

The officers at the supermarket launched an ambush on him as they waited for him to return to the 'shop' as usual. Unknown to him Andayi shoplifted and paid for the other items as usual.

Shoplifter attempts to run away when approached by security guards

As he tried to exit, the security guards approached him asking to check his bag. He tried to run away but was caught.

Upon ransacking his bag, the officers found two fiver litre cooking oil jerricans in his bag. He was then arrested and taken to cool his heels at Gigiri police station.

Andayi led officers to a local shop where he had sold a five-litre jerrican cooking oil to a shopkeeper who was selling the oil after he confessed to the act.

Police managed to recover the remainder of the oil from the shopkeeper.

The case will be heard today.

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