Nairobi man slapped with six months jail term for breaking his mother’s TV

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On Wed, 27 Oct, 2021 16:03 | 2 mins read
Ronaldo Kipkemboi sentenced to six months in prison for breaking his mother's TV. PHOTO/LILIAN SOI

A Lang'ata man has been sent to prison for six months after pleading guilty to damaging his mother's televisions worth Ksh 95,000.

The accused, Ronaldo Kipkemboi told the court that he broke her mother's property because he had a lot of problems and he felt his mother did not love him enough.

He said he felt his mother did not love him enough because she had refused to buy him a pair of shoes.

“Ronald Kipkemboi committed the offense on October 25 at his home in Langata division by damaging two Tv sets maliciously all valued at Ksh 95,000 the property of her mother,” court documents read.

On the day he committed the crime, the court was told that the accused mother was resting in her bedroom when her son came in demanding some cash to pay a taxi driver who had brought him home.

At the time, the mother did not have the money Ronaldo wanted, therefore, she decided to pay the driver the amount through M-Pesa, something that reportedly angered the accused. It is at this point that Ronald started arguing and accusing his mother of not taking good care of him.

"He continued whining about how he did not own shoes because her mother refused to buy him a pair. He also claimed that his family did not want him and hated him," the documents said.

It is in the course of this argument that he decided to break a TV in the table room before picking a stool and throwing it at his mother. He is also said to have slapped the mother who later sought help from outside.

When the mother returned to the house with the neighbors, she found the accused had already left the house. She, therefore, opted to go to her bedroom. A few minutes later, the accused once again stormed into the house after breaking the main entrance gate.

It is the aggressive behavior of the accused that forced his mother to sneak outside the house once more through the back door and go to Langata Police Station to report him.

It is the police who accompanied Ronald's mother that arrested him before escorting him to the police station.

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