My father is okay with naughty mugithi lyrics – musician Mike Rua

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 16 Oct, 2021 18:09 | 2 mins read
Musician Mike Rua.PHOTO/COURTESY

When one-man-guitarist Mike Rua takes the stage, he is accorded a big roar by his fans.

Rua’s style of performance is different from most mugithi artists. His songs are laced with lewd lyrics that rouse revellers to even sing along with him.

Rua is naughty and usually slotted to perform late at night to arouse the already intoxicated fans.

Criticised by some artists and fans, Rua still commands a huge following. When it comes to events performances, he is one of the highly paid mugithi musicians.

The big question however is if his parents and other relatives are familiar with his lewd songs, most of them readily available on Youtube and social media platforms?

In a recent interview, the king of mugithi revealed that his father knows the kind of songs he does but opts to look the other way.

His mother who is a staunch Christian is not aware of his X-rated songs but one of his aunts Wanjeri wa Ngugi is a big supporter.

"My father is aware of the kind of songs I do. I know he has listened to some but prefers to ignore them. And because he has not offered me or connected me to a better job, I continue doing what earns me a livelihood. He motivates me to go on” Rua revealed.

Adding; "My mother thinks I am still performing secular songs. She doesn't go to clubs nor listen to Mugithi. She is a Church woman".

His aunt Wanjeri loves his work, motivating him that as long as no crime is committed, Rua should keep doing what he relishes and earns him a living.

Rua said he is compelled by his fans to take the naughty route and if he was stopped to lace his performances with lewd words, his music career would come to an abrupt end.

The artist dropped out of secondary school and ran away from his village in Mang’u, Kiambu county after he stole a guitar from a local catholic church.

He moved to Githurai and started his music journey in Queen Ja Les Les band of the late songstress Queen Jane.

He later bought a guitar for the said church and apologised to the congregation.