Murathe: Ruto to blame for being locked out of his house — VIDEO

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On Mon, 13 Jan, 2020 14:07 | 2 mins read
David Murathe
Former Jubilee Vice-Chairman David Murathe when he appeared on Punchline on January 12, 2019. PHOTO | SCREENGRAB

Former Jubilee vice-chairman David Murathe claims that administrators working in the Deputy President’s office are to blame after William Ruto was allegedly locked out of his official residence in Mombasa.

The report of DP Ruto being locked of the official residence in Mombasa on Wednesday last week was published by the Sunday Nation.

The newspaper claimed that Ruto’s staff received a phone call from a senior government official instructing them to seek alternative accommodation.

But Murathe, speaking on Punchline on Sunday, claimed that administrators in Ruto’s office are blame for the incident.

“From what I gathered from that newspaper is that the house used to belong to the County Commissioner or Provincial Commissioner, and maybe they were doing renovations. The people who are in charge of those things are the Ministry of Public Works and Ministry of Interior. These are the people who deal with those mundane issues of repairs and deciding if a house is ready for occupation,” said Murathe.

Further, Murathe blamed the incident on officials who plan the Deputy President’s itinerary.

“He needs to sort out his team. It is his administrative team which should make those arrangements. They should know if the house is ready for occupation. They should be the ones to tell him when we go to Mombasa, we will stay at English Point. That should be the end of the matter,” said Murathe.

Sunday Nation reported that DP Ruto was taken aback after learning that an unidentified senior government official had instructed his staff to remove his personal effects from the house.

But Ruto’s spokesman, Emmanuel Talaam, told Sunday Nation that the Deputy President spent the night at his usual place in Mombasa, which is at the English Point marina.

Murathe, who has been accusing Ruto of insubordination over early 2022 campaigns, has been among top leaders pushing to have constitutional amendments to create a role for President Uhuru Kenyatta after 2022.

Even though he acknowledged that he does not speak on behalf of the President, the former Jubilee boss said that the President still needs more time to accomplish what he promised Kenyans.

“The President has been seriously distracted by the side shows in the party. In the first term, people were looting and talking about co-presidency,” said Murathe. “Certain people in Jubilee assumed this was a co-presidency. In the second term, the President has foot down and is running the show.”

The Jubilee man hinted that he would like to see the Building Bridges Inititative propose removal of term limits.

“If we amend this Constitution as per the BBI recommendations and they create that position of the leader of the party with majority becomes Prime Minister and that PM has real power to form and run government, if the President is still the leader of Jubilee then nothing stops him,” said Murathe.

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