Murang’a residents want water reservoir demolished for breeding mosquitos

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 9 Dec, 2021 17:47 | 2 mins read
The water reservoir in Kanjama, Kairiini and Gachie villages in Kiru Mathioya, Muranga County.PHOTO/WANGARI NJUGUNA.

Residents of Kanjama, Kairiini and Gachie villages in Kiru Mathioya, Muranga County have threatened to demolish a water reservoir built in their area claiming that it has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The residents say the reservoir was part of the irrigation water project which was under construction but was abandoned before completion.

They said for the past year the water chamber has remained open posing a health hazard to them.

Mary Njoki, one of the residents, said the mosquitoes have made their lives unbearable as they bite them even during the day.

Njoki said barely a week goes by without the residents going to the hospital to seek medical attention as they constantly fall ill from mosquito bites.

“We are in and out of hospital because these insects have been attacking us day and night making our lives unbearable,” she said.

She said even the small children have not been spared and they are the most affected by the menace adding that a good number of them have stopped going to school.

“The bites are causing severe itching on the skin and this is becoming unbearable for the children “she added.

The residents are urging the government to provide them with mosquito nets and repellants to keep the insects at bay.

They have however threatened to demolish the water chamber if no quick action is taken to save the situation.

“We want this water drained or the projects completed for it to serve its purpose failure to which we shall demolish it,” Peter Njogu added.

“The chamber is not fenced off and children playing around can easily drown here, we are always on the lookout for these children” he added.

Further, the residents claim that they were never compensated for the damages on their land and they are seeking government’s intervention to have their dues paid.

Public health officials have said they will look into the issue and take necessary measures to save the residents from the agony.