Murang’a family narrates how neighbours have hindered them from burying their kin for 2 years

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 15 Oct, 2021 13:19 | 2 mins read

A family from Gatuuma village in Kandara, Murang'a county says they are in distress for not being able to bury their kin, two years after his death.

The family claims there is no access road leading to their village and that they have to be allowed by the neighbours to pass through their land to get to their home.

The deceased's brother, David Mwangi, said that he died in September 2019 but they were forced to take the body back the morgue when their neighbours denied them a way through.

Mwangi says that the situation has left the family in pain and depression leading to the death of another family member.

"The body of our brother has been lying in the morgue for the past one year .We have also lost other members of the family this year. The morgue fee has been accumulating and currently stands at Sh350,000. The fee is likely to go up as days go by" he added.

He said that during the burial of his father about seven years ago, their neighbour allowed the family and mourners to pass through his farm but later turned his back on them. After the ceremony, the mourners were forced to look for an alternative route after he blocked their way.

Mwangi said for the past 14 years, the family and other residents have been trying to have an access road leading to their village demarcated, to no success.

He said that they were told to get the first edition of the demarcation map that was done in 1963. He adds that even after visiting the Survey headquarters of Kenya in Nairobi, they were told the said map could not be traced.

The map, he said, could have helped them identify where the access road was, a rod he claims has been encroached by people who grabbed a public land nearby.

"We have made numerous trips to the lands office in Murang'a and Nairobi seeking help on this matter and every time we are given different answers," Mwangi said.

He pointed out that their efforts to get the original surveying map have proven futile.

"The map were were given is the 11th edition which means it areas has been demarcated 11 times. We would like to know who is behind this because it's very unfair for people not be to able to access their homes," he added.