Murang’a family exhumes body after realizing it buried wrong body

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 10 Sep, 2021 18:07 | < 1 min read
Police officers and public health officers conduct the exhumation process: PHOTO/COURTESY

A family from Gaitheri village in Gaturi, Kiharu, Murang’a County has exhumed a body they buried two weeks ago after it emerged that it did not belong to their kin.

The exercise which was conducted under the supervision of police officers and public health officers attracted huge number of people who came to witness the rare occasion.

According to the family, they are said to have collected the body of Norah Wairimu from Kiria-ini hospital mortuary, mistaking her for Merap Wanjiku.

The deceased family went to the facility to collect the body on Friday, only to be handed another body that did not belong to them.

Andrew Kago a family member said the body they were given did not resemble that of their mother, prompting them to further examine the body.

"We checked the records from the mortuary and found out that the body that belonged to our deceased family had been given to a different family," Kago said.

Kago further said they had to look for a court order to have the family which buried their mother exhume the body.

"We had done all the burial preparations, and we had to plant a banana in the grave as we were waiting for the body to be traced," Kago added.

Luckily, the body was exhumed and taken back to the mortuary awaiting the burial date on Monday.

"The body was exhumed today am taken back to the mortuary, and we are planning to bury her on Monday," Kago reiterated.

"It has been very traumatizing for the family, but finally we can breathe a sigh of relief that we shall lay our mother to rest," he said