Murang’a: Drunk robber on the loose nabbed while celebrating his son’s birthday inside banana plantation

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 30 Sep, 2021 16:50 | 2 mins read
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A man who sneaked out of a police station in Murang’a and has been on the run was on Wednesday, September 29, arrested after he drank himself silly celebrating the birth of his son.

David Kung’u Ndung’u, 21, was informed that his wife had given birth to a bouncing baby boy who resembled him and he left his hideout and came home to celebrate.

However, the celebrations were cut short after locals over-heard him saying that he was now going to upgrade his robbery ways and steal from them in order to provide for his son.

Ndungu arrived at his home and at 6 pm joined three of his friends after buying a 750ml bottle of alcohol and two chasers.

They went inside a banana plantation which is located in Maragua town, Murang’a county where they started taking the drink as they celebrated the birth of the boy.

The plantation is located exactly one kilometre from Maragua Police Station where Ndung’u has escaped twice leaving police officers working round the clock with the aim of smoking him out of his hiding point.

He overdrank and started shouting from the plantation before locals heard him brag that he will be stealing from them they alerted the police.

This raised alarm and the officers drawn from the police station swiftly moved to the banana plantation where they arrested the suspect.

Speaking to local media, Murang’a Sub-County police commander Alexander Shikondi said that the suspect was nabbed by five police officers and thrown into police Landcruiser.

“Police officers quickly identified the suspect who was on their radar and has been wanted after he sneaked out of Maragua Police Station. He was arrested and plans are underway to have him arraigned in court,” he said.

Cases of jailbirds making their way out of various police stations and prisons have been on the increase in the recent past.