Mulamwah wishes fiancée safe delivery in heartwarming message

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On Mon, 2 Aug, 2021 12:41 | 2 mins read
Comedian Mulamwah and his girlfriend Carrol Sonie. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM
Comedian Mulamwah and his girlfriend Carrol Sonie. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Comedian and content creator David Oyando, alias Mulamwah on Monday morning, August 2 penned down a lovely message to his fiancée, Carol Sonie and their unborn baby.

In a social media post, the comedian professed his love to Sonie, noting that the journey has not been easy, further thanking God for their baby.

"No words can explain the amount of love i have for you two.The feeling cant be explained either. It has been a long journey to this point and i thank God for the blessing; may he see us through to the end," Mulamwah said.

In a message to his unborn baby, Mulamwah said;

"To my unborn, i dont even know what to call you yet, I can't wait to see and hold you, welcome to the third planet, its the best place and the worst in equal measures. Always follow your heart, go for what it yearns for. Failure is always a step to success , nothing good happens on the first try, I wish you a long life full of blessings. We will talk more once you here can't wait for the fun we'll have together."

The funnyman also gushed over her fiancée in a message where she termed her a strong woman, also wishing her the best and a safe delivery

"To my queen, i't's always a pleasure with you by my side. Thanks for carrying this gift despite the bumpy ride weve been through, and also for being the strong woman you've always been. Keep soaring high in your career as well. I wish you nothing else but the best. Nomatter what may we always put the intrests of our egg first. I wish you a safe delivery. Love y'all," wrote Mulamwah.

This comes exactly a year after Mulamwah opened up about losing his unborn baby and how the loss affected him and her fiancée.

Speaking in a previous interview, the comedian stated that healing was not easy, adding that they kept struggling with the bitter truth forcing them to go for counseling.

"Iliniaffect vibaya because nilikuwa nimeprepare hata nikiona msee amebeba mtoi tao nasema that’s us in a few, mnaanza kuangalia bei ya vitu za watoi zinafika wapi, but when that happened iliniaffect sana because at that time I was doing a lot of shows," said Mulamwah.

(It affected me so much because I was prepared and when I'd see someone walking with a baby I'd say, 'that's us in a few'. We would look at prices for baby stuff but when it happened it affected me a lot because I was also doing a lot of shows at the time.)

Other than comedy, Mulamwah is a trained nurse while his fiancée is an actress featured on several Kikuyu drama series.

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