Mt Elgon: Two nursing arrow, panga injuries as rescheduled UDA nomination campaigns intensify

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On Sat, 16 Apr, 2022 14:28 | < 1 min read
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Police vehicle. PHOTO/Courtesy

Two people are nursing arrow and panga cuts after two rival camps engaged in a tussle during UDA nomination campaigns.

It is alleged that Mt Elgon Member of Parliament Fred Kapondi's supporters who were on a roadshow met with his opponent Allan Chamayek's supporters and the two rival camps had a spat before one of Allan's supporters unleashed an arrow.

In the process, two people sustained deep cuts and were rushed to Cheptais Sub-county hospital where they were treated and discharged.

Kapondi and Allan were immediately summoned to Chesikaki Police station to record their statements.

It is believed that a truce was made between the two as police were left to investigate and arrest the culprits.

Speaking to the press at Chesikaki Police station, Kapondi said it was unfortunate for one to attack another just because of a mere nomination exercise.

He said his supporter was lucky to survive the arrow attack and called for calmness from his supporters ahead of the Tuesday's exercise.

His rival Allan said the events were unfortunate adding that everyone has a right to campaign from any region but in a respectable and peaceful manner.

Allan said that the region needs peace having had a background of insecurity in the recent past and therefore those involved should face the full force of the law.

The UDA nominations exercise in Mt. Elgon was to take part on Thursday, April 14 but was postponed to Tuesday, April 19 after MCAs' voting materials were said to be missing.

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