MPs Ali Wario, Hiribae Saidi rescued after going missing

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On Sun, 3 Dec, 2023 10:31 | 2 mins read
Ali Wario
Garsen MP Ali Wario (in pink) and other passengers rescued after going missing. PHOTO/@AbdulahiAdan10/X

MPs Ali Wario Shaka of Garsen and his Galole counterpart Hiribae Saidi have been rescued after going missing on Saturday, December 2, 2023.

The MPs were rescued alongside nominated MCA Mama Aodho Omara and other passengers on the boat that went missing on Saturday.

"The boat that went missing in the waters of Tana River has been found. All occupants have been evacuated to safety," Interior CS Kithure Kindiki stated.

"We are pleased to announce that our MPs Ali Wario Shaka of Garsen, his Galole counterpart Hiribae Saidi and Posta and Nominated MCA Mama Aodho Omara & other passengers on the boat that went missing last night have been rescued and are safe and sound," ODM said in a statement

ODM says the boat was ferrying relief food to people affected by floods in Tana River but was unable to navigate through to Mnazini and got stuck around the Wema area.

"Rescue teams were sent with the help of Governor Dhadho Godhana and the Red Cross with the help of phone technology (GPRS) and other traditional ways like smoke and ringing of Church bell, they were able to be located and sailed safely to Garsen in the wee hours of the night. Everyone is safe. We have spoken with the legislators to confirm their whereabouts," ODM added.

Tana River County Commissioner Mohammed Noor said the team was tracked down in the middle of Tana Delta.

"They were somewhere in Mlima Abo, the GPRS showed they were 22km from Garsen, but when we tracked them along the river, we could not see them. By the time we found them, it was 4am and they had left the main channel of the river for another route where they docked," Noor said as quoted by local media.

Wario appeals for help

Wario had appealed for help after getting lost, in a video shared on social media.

“We are lost we are in the middle of nowhere. Today we were on a rescue mission in Mnazini area and as we were going back we got lost in the river. So we are in the middle of the waters, we don't know the directions. We do not know where we are now,” Wario said in the video.

At least 18 passengers were aboard the boat when it lost direction.

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