MP Salasya narrates how he almost lost his life in South Sudan

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On Sun, 4 Dec, 2022 14:02 | 2 mins read
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Mumias East MP Peter Salasya. PHOTO/(@Salasya)Facebook

Mumias East Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Salasya has come out to narrate how he almost drowned in a swimming pool in Juba, South Sudan.

Speaking to a local publication, the first time MP intimated how the sour twist of events that occurred during the 12th Inter-Parliamentary Games (IPG) held between November 25 and December 1, 2022, nearly cost his life.

He recalled that on the fateful day of Tuesday, November 29, he headed to the deep end of the pool despite being cautioned not to by the pool's manager.

The legislator stated that the thrill of having all the fun without others made him throw caution to the wind and go for the deep end.

It was all fun and games until he was unable to return to the shallow end of the pool. It took the intervention of customers at a nearby massage parlour to seek help on his behalf since they were also unable to swim.

“I could not see above the water, I could not breathe or shout or do anything. It was like; ‘Oh my God!’ today is the end of me,’ I discovered that you cannot just walk in the pool to the wall of the pool which is what I thought as I went in,” he narrated.

Further, the lawmaker took to his social media to caution citizens against swimming in pools unless they had adequate experience.

"I was almost dead in the swimming Pool, but I was rescued wacha Yesu aitwe Yesu. I will never go back to a swimming pool😭😭kama haujui ku swim like me please don’t dare go into that thing," he stated.

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