MP Alice Wahome under fire for attacking Uhuru

By KNA On Sun, 5 Jan, 2020 12:09 | 2 mins read
muranga leaders
Former Maragua MP Elias Mbau accompanied by other leaders in a press conference in a Murang’a hotel. PHOTO | KNA

A section of Murang’a leaders have told Kandara Member of Parliament (MP), Alice Wahome, to focus on development and avoid dragging President Uhuru Kenyatta into dirty politics.

The leaders led by Murang’a County Deputy Governor, Kamau Maina, said the MP’s opinion should not be taken as the stand of the Murang’a people.

Kamau accompanied by, among others, former Maragua MP Elias Mbau, defended the government for several development programmes it has initiated in the area.

The deputy county boss many roads are being tarmacked, adding that various projects being done by the National Government are meant to improve livelihoods of Murang’a residents.

The deputy governor termed the sentiments of the Kandara MP as hypocritical after having recently she praised the same government she is now accusing of eroding democratic gains.

On his part, Mbau said it was shameful for the leader elected on a Jubilee ticket to accuse the President for what she termed as ‘dwindling of democratic space’.

Mbau said the current government has guaranteed freedom of speech.

“Kandara MP said whatever she said since she is enjoying freedom of speech but when other people talk, she claim they are being sent to say so,” said Mbau.

Mbau, who is currently the chairman of the Tourism Trust Fund, told Wahome to desist from talking of the Building Bridges Initiative report.

A section of Murang’a MCAs also told the MP to stop stirring political temperature in Central region.

Led by Ichagaki MCA, Charles Mwangi and his Kimorori counterpart, Amod Murigi, the MCAs queried by Central is mired in politics yet other regions are focused on development.

“Our Kandara MP should first focus on formulating policies which will improve the people’s welfare and stop accusing the President. Her Constituency is allocated funds by the National Government and should tell people how she has used the funds,” said Mwangi.

On Wednesday, Wahome while in Malindi said the country’s economy is doing badly and accused President Kenyatta’s government of attempts to curtail freedom of expression.

Wahome said the President and opposition leader Raila Odinga are pushing for the BBI report to benefit themselves, claims that have elicited sharp reactions.

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