Most of Ithanga residents in Murang’a can’t see properly – opticians

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On Fri, 15 Oct, 2021 20:27 | 2 mins read
Joseph Kamau a resident from Ithanga being taken through pre- eye screening process by an optician at Ithanga dispensary in Gatanga .PHOTO/WANGARI NJUGUNA

A large number of residents in Ithanga lower Gatanga Murang'a are reported to suffer from eye problems.

Cataract, diabetic retinopathy, dry eye syndrome, presbyopia, and allergic conjunctivitis are among the rampant cases identified by opticians following an eye screening camp at Ithanga dispensary.

Francis Mwangi an optician from spring vision said the conditions have been contributed by poor eye care and harsh climatic conditions.

Speaking during the camp, Mwangi said most of the residents however don't know they are having eye problems and only seek medical attention when it's too late.

He said elderly people and young children are the majority suffering from eye problems and some are at risk of going blind.

"The area is very dry and there is too much dust which is the primary cause of the eye problems," he said adding that "People should practice cleaning their eyes at least twice a day to reduce chances of getting infections.

Mwangi urged the residents to go for regular eye check-ups at least once a year pointing out that early detection can help in taking earlier intervention measures.

"Most of the people who have cataracts wait until they get blurred vision and when damage has already been done and they have almost lost their vision," he said.

He also said other lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure can also cause eye problems urging the residents to observe proper feeding habits.

The medical camp was organized by Jamleck Kamau in partnership with Vision Spring in line with International Day for Eyesight.

Kamau said he decided to have the eye screening camp held here after an outcry from the residents that they were not able to visit health facilities.

"The residents here have been suffering from eye problems but they opt to stay at home because they cannot afford the medical fee," he said.

He further said he shall cater for the surgery costs of the residents reffered for further treatment.

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