Mombasa: S3x worker múrdered, body mutilated

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On Thu, 30 Mar, 2023 11:54 | < 1 min read
Naked man fatally shot while trying to gain access to Mariakani barracks
Police crime scene caution tape used for illustration purpose. PHOTO/Internet.

A sex worker was found murdered in Bombolulu, Mombasa county.

Nkoko Injuu Africa's executive director Maryline Laini said that the mutilated body of Halima Hamisi was found dumped in nearby thickets and that she had been sexually assaulted.

"She bore marks on her neck indicating that she was first strangled and later her throat was slit open," she said.

Laini stated that it still remained unclear why she was killed since she had reported to work as usual and attended to several clients before she disappeared.

"Those who were with her reported having seen her attend to several clients and at around 11 pm she left with an unknown client only to be found dead today morning," Laini said.

"I highly suspect they differed on payments inside the green lodge since no one heard her scream only for her body to be discovered today morning by children going to school who raised alarm," she added.

It is the second time a sex worker has been found murdered within the same area in a span of two months.

Laini called on speedy investigations to establish the identity of the killer.

"It's unfortunate that no one has been arrested following the death of yet another sex worker two months ago. There is a serial killer targeting sex workers. We need justice for our colleagues," Laini said.

The deceased was a mother three.

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