Mombasa: Judge orders Harambee for couple charged with stealing wheat flour

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On Wed, 11 May, 2022 19:06 | 2 mins read
PHOTO/Sophie Njoka
PHOTO/Sophie Njoka

Court proceedings at the Mombasa law courts were briefly halted as Mombasa principal magistrate Vincent Adet ordered a mini Harambee to fundraise for a middle-aged woman who was charged alongside her husband with stealing a bale of wheat flour.

Adet who kicked over the contribution by handing over Ksh 1000 to the court orderly, ordered members of the public, journalists, and court officials to contribute any amount towards Saumu Ali's food kitty.

Ali alongside her husband Evans Odhiambo had been charged with stealing contrary to section 268 (1) as read with section 275 of the penal code.

The particulars were that on April 13 at Shimanzi area in Mvita sub-county within Mombasa county stole one bale of wheat flour valued at Ksh 1,980 the property of Grain Industries Ltd.

Judge sets accused person free

He further forgave the accused person of the charges and set her free.

Adet noted that in reaching his decision, he had considered the probation report presented before his court by the probation officer.

”On humanitarian grounds, especially for the first accused person, I have considered the circumstances under which the offence was committed and I sympathize with her situation, with three kids under her care and no source of income and am of the view that let buy her a bale of wheat flour and some meat for today,” Adet said.

Judge orders orderly and members of the public to hold mini Harambee for the accused person

He further noted that the offender confessed to police officers who arrested her on the said day she was undertaking her normal casual jobs when her husband called her to help him carry a bale of flour from a car that was packed nearby and she only stole to feed her kids.