Memorial service for Queen Elizabeth II held at church she attended before she became Queen

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On Sat, 17 Sep, 2022 21:12 | 2 mins read
Second left right, Brigadier Ronnie who represented the British High Commissioner to Kenya during the memorial service for Queen Elizabeth II at ACK st Philips Narumoru today. PHOTO/Loise Wambugu

Queen Elizabeth II has been eulogized as a witty, joyful, inspirational example to many across the globe.

In a memorial service held at the ACK St Philips church Naromoru in Nyeri county, the departed monarch was remembered as one who left a mark in every aspect of her life and, more so, her strong stance on the Christian faith.

"I sense that a key part of her ability to remain such a rock is her willingness to draw upon God's help during her reign," Timothy West, one of those who attended the memorial service, said.

While referring to quotes by Queen Elizabeth II, West, one of the speakers at the memorial service, said that the monarch had served her life as an inspiring example of service in this modern world.

"Christ not only revealed to us truth in his teachings, but he also lived by what he believed, and gave us the strength to try and do the same and finally on the cross he showed the supreme example of physical and moral courage," West quoted from the departed monarch's 1981 Christmas message.

While referring to her sense of humour and witty nature, West recounted an instance where American tourists had asked her whether she'd ever met the queen, to which she replied no, showing them to her bodyguard and saying, "maybe he has."

"Have you ever met the queen? They asked.. and then went on to take photos with the tourists…I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when he shows those photos to his friends in America, and hopefully, someone tells them who I am," West recounted.

Brigadier Ronnie Westerman, who represented the British High Commission at the service, remembers the departed queen as someone she's been proud to serve for her 29 years in the British army.

"Just throughout our service, we have the word queen throughout. We have queen's regulations and queen regiments. We serve our queen, and so changing that to the king will make us change what we think about what that means," Ronnie eulogized.

A section of the mourners who attended the memorial service. PHOTO/Loise Wambugu

The ACK St Philips church has said it prides itself on being part of history and has been a place the departed visited and fellowshipped 70 years ago.

"She has not only been a role model but touched the lives of many, and even if we have not met her physically, we have heard the things that have been said about her…I want to believe that this is an awakening to many, especially those that have forgotten their faith and will help them rekindle their relationship with God." Said Archdeacon Samuel Mwangi of Naromoru, who presided over the service.

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