MCA among 26 arrested partying at night in Kayole

By Victor Mogoa On Sun, 7 Jun, 2020 11:08 | < 1 min read
Utawala MCA
Utawala MCA Patrick Karani following his arrest at the Kayole Police Station on June 6, 2020. PHOTO | VICTOR MOGOA

Patrick Karani, who is the ward representative for Utawala Ward in Nairobi County, spent the night in police cells following his arrest on Saturday night.

The MCA was arrested while in a group of 11, included six women, for partying near Magunas Supermarket in defiance of curfew orders.

They spent the night at the Kayole Police Station while their vehicles were towed to Mihango Police Station.

Another group of 15 people was also seized in Kayole Police Division at Komarock 3B Estate while reveling in anticipation that President Uhuru Uhuru Kenyatta would lift the curfew order.

The suspects who were arrested in the Komarock house were found taking alcohol and allegedly smoking bhang, according to police sources.

All 26 suspects were taken to Kayole Police Station and are set to be arraigned in open court at Kasarani, Nairobi on Monday.

While at the police cells, the Utawala MCA pretended that he had not been arrested as officers booked into the cells.

He told the police that he is part of the essential services providers and only met the arresting officers while out on the field himself.

But the visibly inebriated MCA did not fool police whom he commended for doing a good job.

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