Mbeere residents turn to wild fruits as hunger bites

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On Wed, 12 Oct, 2022 21:45 | 2 mins read
Mbeere residents turn to wild fruits as hunger bites
Members of Embu Drought Management Committee led Governor Cecily Mbarire. PHOTO/Courtesy

Residents of Mbeere in Embu County are now appealing to the government to expedite the process of distributing relief food in the region saying they are on the verge of starvation.

According to the locals, most of the families are surviving on wild fruits which are scarce.

The residents say they have not harvested any food in the last three seasons due to prolonged drought.

"We are surviving on wild fruits which are not even enough. With the rain challenges, there are hardly enough here. One has to walk for a long distance to the forest to look for the fruits," Stephen Ngari, a resident of Kiambere said.

Kiambere Ward Representative Lenny Mwaniki said relief food is the only remedy for the hunger situation in the county.

"Wild fruits which locals depend on when the situation is dire are nowhere to be seen let the government come and help the people," Mwaniki said.

Muthoni Kariuki, a resident, said the drought has greatly affected women and children and urged the government to intervene.

Meanwhile, Embu County leadership has constituted a committee to manage the drought situation.

The committee, co-chaired by Embu Governor Cecily Mbarire and the County Commission Commissioner, has been tasked with coming up with a proper plan on how it will mobilize resources and food for the residents.

Over 100,000 residents in the county are facing starvation due to the biting drought in the country and are in dire need of food.

Mbeere residents suffering

While addressing the press during the launch of the Drought Management Committee, Mbarire said Mbeere region was hardly hit by the drought and locals are in urgent need of relief food.

She reported that the county had already received 200 bags of maize and 200 bags of beans, which she, however, said is not enough.

"We need over 29,000 bags of maize, 16,000 bags of beans and 15,000 bags of rice in order to ensure all deserving locals are reached," the governor said.

She also appealed to well-wishers, non-governmental organizations and churches to chip in and help the starving locals.

Calling for fodder aid, the county boss said animals are also at risk because there is not enough pasture in the area.

She revealed that the committee had partnered with Embu Water and Sanitation Company and Tana Water to provide bulldozers that will be traversing the whole county to provide water to both people and animals.

The County Commissioner, on his part, stated that the committee will come up with proper modalities to ensure only the deserving residents benefit.

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