Laikipia: Matatu operators urge incoming government to lower fuel prices

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On Thu, 8 Sep, 2022 08:30 | < 1 min read
Laikipia: Matatu operators urge incoming government to lower fuel prices
Matatu operations at the Nyahururu Matatu Terminus.PHOTO/Ndiritu Wanjiru.

Matatu operators in Nyahururu, Laikipia county have called on the incoming government to lower fuel prices once it assumes power.

The plea by matatu operators comes ahead of the swearing-in ceremony of President-Elect William Samoei Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua slated for Tuesday, September 13.

They lamented that fuel prices have tremendously shot up over the last two years affecting the matatu business.

Samuel Kinyanjui, a matatu driver operating under Nyamakima Sacco plying the Nyahururu-Nairobi route, complained that the income he gets as a driver is sometimes not enough to cater for his household expenses making it difficult to sustain his family needs.

"We have high hopes that President-elect William Ruto once sworn in will deliver his promises to the common citizens who are battling high economic times," Kinyanjui said.

Nicholas Kamau, also a driver at the Nyahururu bus terminus, echoed Samuel's sentiments saying that two years ago the fuel prices were friendly and life was sustainable as compared to the current situation.

"It has become difficult even for the operating vehicles to pay for their own mechanical expenses, insurances and licences. Many vehicles have exited the business because they were procured on loan and are not able to repay the loans owing to high losses in the business," Kamau lamented.

Currently, the retail pump prices for petrol stand at Ksh159 while that of diesel retails at Kshs140.

During the campaign period, the Kenya Kwanza Alliance led by the president-elect promised to lower the fuel prices as part of their manifesto. The matatu operators are now calling on Ruto to make it a priority in his first 100 days in office as he promised, urging him to as well lower the prices of other essential commodities.

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