Man who has been retrieving bodies dumped in River Yala cites police threats, goes into hiding for his dear life

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 5 Feb, 2022 09:37 | 2 mins read

Yala local diver who helped in the retrieval of dead bodies at River Yala now cries foul over alleged intimidation and threats by police.

Nicholas Okero Okite, the diver who has been helping in retrieving bodies from the river claims he has received threats and intimidation.

He is already in hiding and explains that on Wednesday specifically, he had to seek refuge in a neighbouring home after he was allegedly warned by the homicide officer that they would re-arrest him should they find him culpable.

"Apart from these threats, a vehicle with tinted windows has been noticed around my home with its occupants taking photos," Okite said.

"My volunteer work is likely to claim my life going by the threats I receive from detectives and now the car and strangers taking photos of my home.

Okero said that he now panics and just prays to God to protect his family as the latest development seems to be harmful.

"I have no peace of mind due to many threats I do receive," Okero added.

He stated that he received a phone call on Wednesday morning from Gem sub-county DCIO that the head of the homicide team which has been investigating the issue of the floating bodies of River Yala wanted to see and reward him for retrieving another body from the water on Friday last week.

He says when he heeded the call, the police turned against him.

I responded to the summon and went to Yala Police station where the officers detained and interrogated me for more than eight hours. They claimed that I'm the one who has been hiding bodies in between the rocks at Ndanu falls.

He says he was forced to record a statement with an explanation on the role that he has been playing in regard to the syndicate behind the killing and dumping of bodies at River Yala.

"On Friday, January 28, 2022, I was summoned by detectives and this time around, I was questioned for hours before they forced me to record a statement," Okero said.

The driver maintains that he has only been helping to retrieve those that have been spotted on the river.

When contacted for comment, Gem sub-county police commander Charles Chacha denied those claims.