Man ‘unintentionally’ shoots dead security guard, injures one after attack on Moi Avenue

By Bosco Marita On Fri, 30 Apr, 2021 16:46 | < 1 min read
Man shoots guard dead on Moi Avenue. Photo: Courtesy

Police are investigating an incident where a security guard manning a premise was killed in a shooting incident on Moi Avenue.

As captured on CCTV footage, the shooting incident occurred after the man was accosted by three thugs while having a conversation with a lady on the avenue.

The man pulled out his gun and fired at the three thugs, who had started running away after seeing the gun, but he missed the target and reports say he, unfortunately, hit a security guard on the head. The guard reportedly died on spot.

Coincidentally, a civilian passing by was unfortunately hit by a “stray bullet” during the incident.

The victim was rushed to the hospital with police promising to investigate the matter and prosecute anyone suspected to have committed an offence.

The body of the guard has been reportedly taken to City Mortuary awaiting an autopsy report as police continue with investigations.

The incident sparked commotion along the avenue as Kenyans gathered to get a glimpse of the horrific incident.

Sources have told K24 Digital that the man was taken by police officers to Central Police Station where he was still being interrogated by the time of publishing this story.

Reports indicate that the man is a popular Kenyan actor Ainea Ojiambo and that the thugs wanted to snatch his chain, allegedly made of gold. He is best known for films including The Constant Gardener, Bullion and Jack Zollo: My Life in Crime

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