Man trapped for 3 days in Migori gold mine recounts ordeal

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 11 Jan, 2022 22:31 | 2 mins read
Residents-mill-around-the-collapsed-mining-site. PHOTO/COURTESY

A man who was trapped for three days in a gold mine at the Kapuodoho gold mine in Rongo, Migori County has come out to narrate the traumatizing ordeal.

Noah Ogweno was rescued on Sunday, the fourth day since the Thursday collapse that left him trapped in the mine.

According to the 23-year-old, Thursday was a regular day at work as he checked in at around 2 pm to begin his business.

However, hours into the job, the mine collapsed above Ogweno, leaving him trapped with no food or water.

He had not carried his mobile phone due to the poor network connection in the area.

“I could hear people talking outside the goldmine from where I was, I was safe, but they could not hear me,” he recounted to a local daily on Tuesday.

When it became clear that he could not communicate with those on the outside, Ogweno says he resorted to praying.

“I started praying and asked God to preserve my life. I also repented my sins and made a vow I would serve God if He rescued me,” he said.

Upon his rescue on Sunday afternoon, Ogweno was rushed to a hospital in Kisii, where he was found to be fine, save for fatigue due to hunger and thirst.

Ongweno said he will not return to the mine because he believes the ordeal was a sign from God.

However, Ongweno has asked the government to provide modern equipment for his former colleagues.

Ongweno ordeal brings to the fore the grave dangers, the young men confront each day in very risky gold mines scattered across Western Kenya.

The latest incident comes amid the ongoing efforts to retrieve the body of another miner who was trapped at Abimbo goldmine in Bondo sub-county, Siaya County about one month ago.

The family of Tom Okwach is still in distress and is hoping to retrieve the body of their son.

Other miners were however rescued alive in the Bondo goldmine accident.