Man sues dating site for not having enough women

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On Wed, 27 Oct, 2021 12:34 | 2 mins read
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In a bizarre turn of events, a man from Colorado US is suing a dating site known as The Denver Dating Co. for reportedly not having enough women on their service site.

According to reports, Ian Cross, 29, claims he has paid $9,409.80 (over Ksh1M) for a subscription to the dating service and then “found there were only five females in the 18 to 35 range active in the data.”

As per the Denver Post, Cross expressed interest in connecting with single women his age and was informed there was a “large number of single ladies in the 25 to 35 age group” owing to a pandemic-related “wave of breakups.”

As per the lawsuit, he then purchased the subscription, began utilizing the online platform in February and discovered that there were only five women in that age range on the website.

According to the Denver Post, Cross’ attorney stated that he reported the problem to the firm and asked for a refund, but after some discussion, the corporation stopped replying.

Cross is suing the corporation for damages because he believes their platform has too few registered women.

According to reports, he also charged the corporation with false inducement and deceptive trading practices.

Further, the lawsuit reads, “The Denver Dating Co. uses online reviews of fake or phoney consumers to generate a misleading impression with the public regarding the quality and characteristics of its service.”

HMZ Group owns the Nevada-based firm, which promotes an all-inclusive, personalized service that assists consumers by screening individuals to ensure “they are employed, financially stable.”

According to the firm, it gives members a professional picture session as well as in-person meetings with corporate matchmakers.

In August, a lady filed a lawsuit against a dating service after she was paired with a man who was under six feet tall.

Eileen Moore, a doctor by profession, wanted a $4,995 (Ksh554K) refund and a letter of apology from the high-end dating firm Elite Introductions.

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