Man hospitalised after his girlfriend ganged up on him with her ‘side boyfriend’ in drunken machete attack

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On Tue, 13 Apr, 2021 14:58 | 2 mins read
Josphat Kemboi has been admitted to the Baringo County Referral Hospital following a brutal attack over the weekend. PHOTO | KNA
Josphat Kemboi has been admitted to the Baringo County Referral Hospital following a brutal attack over the weekend. PHOTO | KNA

A 32-year-old man from Sachosoi location in Baringo Central sub-county was on Saturday hospitalized at the Baringo County Referral Hospital after being struck with a machete by a friend after a heated exchange over a lover.

Josphat Kemboi, who spoke to KNA at Baringo Referral Hospital, said that on Friday, April 9, around 9:00 pm after drinking liquor with his friend, Kandie Koech, the friend requested him to take a walk.

"We then left to Mercy Chemitei's house, my girlfriend, a heated argument with the man ensued and without notice my drinking buddy removed a machete and hit me on the head three times," Josphat said.

Writhing in pain, he said that his friend and the girl friend attacked him, with Kandie hitting him on the head while the woman kicked him on the face.

"I tried to defend myself with my arms. Kandie hit me with a panga on the hand and I wasn't able to fight any more because I was losing too much blood," Josphat said.

Speaking to KNA, the local Assistant Chief, Jane Koros, said that she was informed of the incident by a village elder, James Kigen, of an injured man on Saturday morning.

"I was informed of the incident. I found the man injured on the road, took my car and drove him to Kabarnet Referral hospital," Koros said.

The assistant chief said she also arrested the girlfriend, Mercy, who is currently locked up at the Kabarnet Police Station.

She said that they are still searching for Kandie as he fled after the attack.

According to village elder, James Kigen, he was informed of an injured person by a child who had found the man lying by the roadside.

Mercy Koech, a relative to Josphat said the victim's girlfriend was likely dating both at the same time and urged the police investigate the matter.

According to the medical report signed by Kelvin Bitok, the resident clinical officer, the patient was assaulted by people known to him on Friday night, thus sustaining deep cuts in the head.

Further, the medic said the victim suffered a fracture on the skull, leading to a depressed cavity on the parts that had been hit by a machete.

He added that the injury extent was severe and that they were monitoring the patient with a possibility of referring him to the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital for specialized procedures.