Man cries for justice after bartender allegedly drugged him, stole Ksh1.3M from his bank account

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 18 Dec, 2021 20:28 | 2 mins read
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A man from Muthunguci village in Gatundu North, Kiambu County is now seeking for justice after a bartender allegedly administered a stupefying drug to him before stealing Ksh1.3 million that was in his bank account.

Karanga Mwangi said the bartender transferred some of the money from his Equity Bank Account to her father and mother before she withdrew the rest.

Mwangi who was on a drinking spree at a Gathirwa village bar said the middle-aged woman accessed his pin number as he was operating the phone.

After enjoying several bottles costing in excess of Sh 2,000, Karanga revealed that a confrontation ensued between him and the bartender over underpayment of the bill.

"I decided to pay the remaining bill using my phone and it is during the process that she managed to see my pin number," Karanga said.

After some time, the bartender is reported to have spiked Karanga's drink after which she stole the phone and made the transfer.

According to the victim who is a farmer, the January night incident saw him lie unconscious until morning when he discovered that he had lost everything including the cash he had in his bank account and which he had gotten after selling a property in Ruiru town.

"I had sold a property in Ruiru and I intended to use the money to buy land in Nyandarua for farming," he said.

After some time, the bartender was arrested by officers from Kamwangi Police Station and pleaded guilty to the accusations before the two entered a repayment agreement.

The agreement, Karanga said, was however breached by the accused in collaboration with her lawyer and investigators in the case.

He said that during the day he was to get the first payment, police, the accused and her lawyer took him in circles all day leaving him under deep pressure.

"They even told her to switch off her phone. I have never seen what I saw in January and up to date, the bartender has never repaid my money. I want justice and because police have failed to help me, I am sure the media will," he said.

Mercy Wanjeri who is the wife to Karanga said the bank has been willing to help them but justice has been denied by officers investigating the matter in conjunction with the lawyers involved.

According to a senior police officer from Kamwangi police station and who sought anonymity, the matter is a civil case as the two had agreed to settle the matter out of court.

The officer said Karanga can however seek redress in any court of law for the matter to be re-investigated.

"That matter was closed when the two agreed to settle it through an out-of-court agreement. It's no longer criminal but a civil case," the officer said.