Police arrest male student caught sneaking into neig*bou**ng girls school, recover pack of c*****s, lighter

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On Tue, 22 Nov, 2022 13:51 | 2 mins read
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Detectives attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have arrested an 18-year-old male student who was caught sneaking into a girls' secondary school.

The teenager who is a student at Gatugi Day secondary school in Nyeri county was arrested while masquerading as one of the girls at a neighbouring school within the county in an attempt to meet with his girlfriend.

"A mission by a teenage young man to meet his girlfriend at a secondary school in Nyeri county last night was nipped in the bud after the 18-year-old was unmasked by other girls who raised alarm. Frantic efforts by the restless young man to trace his girlfriend from a crowd of girls walking to their dormitory bore no fruits," a statement by the DCI reads in parts.

Prior to his arrest, the young man had dressed in one of the girls' uniforms and joined a group of girls as they headed to their dormitories.

He was caught after he attempted to enquire about the whereabouts of his supposed girlfriend

"The girl became suspicious since the voice sounded unfamiliar and husky, prompting her to have a closer look at the person making the inquiry, only for her to realize that the fool with a broad chest and hairy chin was a man dressed in their school uniform!" DCI added.

"She immediately started screaming prompting a cacophony of screams from the other girls, as they fled to different directions in bewilderment, almost causing a stampede,"

Following the commotion at the school, the school's guard rushed toward the dormitories to check on the situation only to find the suspect already planning his escape route from the school compound.

The two engaged in a chase before the guard pounced on the suspect pinning him on the ground before the school's principal alerted law enforcement officers who rushed to the scene and arrested him.

Upon questioning, the suspect informed officers that he had been invited over by his girlfriend for unspecified business.

At the time of his arrest, police recovered three condoms, a mobile phone, and a lighter. He was taken to police custody where he is being processed pending arraignment.

"However, three condoms, a mobile phone and a lighter were recovered from the student who had stuffed his chest with pieces of clothing, to create a false impression of a female bosom. He was whisked to Othaya police station where he is being processed for the offence of preparation to commit a felony," the investigative agency added.

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