Loitiptip’s competitor in Lamu who was allegedly assaulted by the senator now fears for his life

By , K24 Digital
On Wed, 27 Oct, 2021 12:02 | 2 mins read
Photo collage of Senator Anwar Loitiptip and aspirant Francis Mugo. PHOTOS/COURTESY

A Senatorial aspirant in Lamu who was recently allegedly assaulted by the sitting Senator Anwar Loitiptip now fears for his life.

In an exclusive interview with K24 Digital, Francis Mugo, a father of three said that his family is worried about the incident that they made an agreement with the wife that he should arrive home latest 6:30 pm on daily basis.

Senator Loitiptip who over the weekend was involved in a gun drama at a club in Nanyuki even threatened to throw Mugo into the Indian Ocean.

“I am a married man and a father of three. My family was and is still very worried about how I was attacked,” Mugo said.

“Actually, my family fears for my life. I'm now forced to be in the house by latest 6:30 pm,” he added.

K24 Digital has also established that the assault case was reported under OB number 26/19/10/2021 at Lamu Police Station.

In addition, already 10 witnesses have recorded statements and they will be testifying in the assault case.

Asked whether he had any personal issues with Senator Loitiptip, Mugo said that apart from showing interest in replacing him, he did not have anything against him.

He said that if Loitiptip beats him in a free and fair preliminary in the UDA Party, he will back him.

“I'm his competitor in the senatorial race and I have a big following. That is all I know and I'm sure I will beat him,” he said.

Mugo, who is pursuing law at the University of London and also possess a Bachelor’s degree in Accounts from the Technical University of Mombasa said that the Senator forcefully made away with his mobile phone.

“I paid all my hospital bills and also bought another phone since he could not stay without one,” he said, adding that he has never reached him since the incident happened.

The politician said that before he announced his political bid, a number of locals reached out to him to run for the seat.

“It is time people get someone who can promote their aspirations and this is one of the reasons I believe I'm a suitable candidate,” he said.

According to him, Lamu youth are struggling to even get jobs at the Lamu port and questioning how money in the county is being spent.

Asked what was his take on the recent ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) which saw Kenya lose a portion of land to its neighbour Somalia, Mugo termed the ruling as ridiculous.

He said that Kenya knows its boundaries since independence and the only way the matter can be solved is by having negotiations between the two countries.