Level up your gym sessions with LG tone free earbuds

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On Sun, 24 Oct, 2021 04:09 | 2 mins read

 People go to the gym for various reasons. Some go to the gym to keep fit, some to connect with family and friends, some to get business, some business connection, and some for therapy. Nobody goes to the gym to punish themselves.

A gym should be a place of excitement, motivation, and inspiration. Basically, it should be a place that you will always want to be after work or during your free time. How exciting a gym session is, depends entirely on you and how you package yourself and your time.

There are some things that can make your gym amazing, interesting and memorable but nothing beats music. They say music is the only thing that hits you, but instead of feeling pain, you feel the vibration and joy.

Now that music is the ingredient that makes your gym sessions great, you are not going to carry a whole music system to the gym. Of course, that will be insane, unless you own the gym or you are the majority shareholder.

With the advancement in technology, your smartphone is everything. It is your bank, your conference, your call, your email, your game store, movies, and of course, your music store. Your phone, therefore, has the two most important things you need at the gym; music and movies.

For you to enjoy your music at the gym, you need good listening devices that have a perfect sound and are healthy to your ears. And what else do you need if not the LG Tone Free Wireless Earbuds? You haven’t heard of them? How? Relax. Here.

First, two things set apart LG Tone Free Wireless Earbuds; design and sound. With these two, no other player beats them unless of course, they steal the tone-free manual and designs. It comes with Google Assistant, water-resistant, dynamic speaker unit, dual microphones, fast charging among others. What else do you need?

In music, the sound is everything. With LG Tone Free Wireless Earbuds, the ambient sound mode in the Tone Free makes it possible for you to enjoy listening to any music you would be listening to. At the same time, the dynamic speaker unit gives you the bass you need in every tune you would love to listen to. The Upper MIC plays a greater role in Noise Reduction and Echo Cancelling while the Lower MIC brings Clearer Voice Pick Up a call.

Time to level up your gym sessions.

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