Legio Maria Pope, Romanus Ongombe, dies

By K24Tv Team On Mon, 13 Apr, 2020 12:58 | < 1 min read
Romanus Ongombe
Legio Maria Pope Romanus Ongombe has died. PHOTO | COURTESY

By Dorphas Ochola

Legio Maria Pope Romanus Ongombe died on Sunday night at his home in Godkweru village in Migori County.

The church has confirmed but failed to mention the cause of his death.

Pope Romanus served for 10 years as the church leader, having taken over from Pope Titus Otieno in 2010.

During his ten years tenure as pope, he encountered several challenges one of which almost split the church.

However, the rivalry was ended after a handshake with the self-proclaimed pope, Rafael Adika, in 2019.

Adika had declared himself as the church leader, claiming he was the one tasked with responsibilities.

Information about his burial, however, remains confidential but the Govt ordered that burials be held within 24 hours of death.

The Legio Maria church was founded in 1961 in Kenya by Lodvikus Melkio Ondetto.

In 1966, the church was legally registered to operate in Kenya.

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