Lady rejects her man’s proposal not knowing she was to receive new car if she accepted (Video)

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 12 Feb, 2022 22:43 | < 1 min read

A Nigerian man was turned down by his woman after he proposed at a mall with a new car gift to go along with it if she agreed to marry him

The man went down on his knee at a mall in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, but the lady rejected his proposal and even started creating an unpleasant scene when he insisted.

She started becoming agitated as other shoppers persuaded her to say Yes, but being that she did not want to, it provoked her so much that she started shouting.

Her man then stood up and tried talking to her, but she slapped him. However, a friend of the guy who did not like what she did, took her outside to see that her man had bought a car for her with the hope that she would accept his marriage proposal.

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