Agony of two bright slum girls as lack of school fees hinder them from joining Form One

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On Tue, 3 May, 2022 18:40 | 3 mins read
The two needy but bright girls who sat their KCPE last year and scored high marks. PHOTO/Courtesy

When Euphemia Awuor did her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) this year, she was optimistic that she would join high school after eight years of hard work.

However, that may not happen as her mother, who is a single parent, is not able to afford school fees.

The 15-year-old did her KCPE at Pand Pieri Primary School within Nyalenda slums in Kisumu and attained 389 marks out of the possible 500.

Awuor worked hard and defied all odds which saw her being crowned as the best-performing girl in her school.

When K24 Digital visited her Nyalenda home where they live in a mud house in which they pay Ksh1500 for rent, she informed us that she is supposed to join school tomorrow Wednesday 4 but up to now, they have been unable to raise school fees.

With tears almost coming from her eyes, the bright girl pleaded for assistance as she held her calling letter.

She is supposed to pay Ksh45,000 to join Ng'iya Girls High School but unfortunately, her mother has only managed to buy her school shoes out of all the required items.

Awuor said that it has always been her dream to join a boarding school where she can undertake her studies without any interference.

"Because I come from a slum area and my mother is not well off, I have always sacrificed even my study times to do laundry for people to make ends meet for my family," she said.

She added that it is now her wish to join boarding school where such will not happen as she will only be majoring in her studies.

Girl appeals for help to join high school

Awuor appealed for well-wishers to join hands and donate the little they can so that she fulfills her dream of becoming a neurosurgeon.

"I am appealing for help from people so that I can join high school and in future, give back to my community by sponsoring those who cannot afford school fees like me," she said.

She added: "I feel so bad because I worked hard in school. My fellow classmates will be joining school and I'll be staying at home yet I am a girl."

Her mother Judith Anyango told us that Awuor has always been dedicated to her studies and she would study all the time.

The mother of two also said things have not been easy on her side as she is jobless and only depends on the little she gets after washing people's clothes.

She said in a day, she only manages to get Ksh200 which they survive on, and also uses the same to pay for Awuor's sister who is in Form Two.

Being that Awuor is her brightest child, she hopes that she will one day lift the family up and also help the less fortunate like her.

"I have walked from office to office but all is in vain and being that it is electioneering period, the politicians are no longer available. I am now appealing for well-wishers to come into our aid," she said.

The situation is also same for Eunice Akoth 15, Awuor's classmate who also scored 387 marks but is unable to join Limuru Girls High School in Kiambu after failing to raise Ksh45,000 school fees.

She is worried that she might not join school after working hard in school and has now resorted to washing people's clothes to help her raise school fees which has seen her raise Ksh800 after starting last week.

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