Kirinyaga residents react after Waiguru joined UDA

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 26 Oct, 2021 16:30 | 2 mins read

Kirinyaga residents have come out to express mixed reactions following the move by their governor Ann Waiguru to switch political allegiance from Jubilee to UDA.

In their varied reactions, some residents pointed out that the move by Waiguru to join UDA was long overdue and she could have done so long ago.

They noted that the governor should have joined Deputy President's camp long ago to help swim through various political tribulations he has faced in the recent past.

"The move is good but I feel that she should have read the signs a long time ago," noted a bodaboda rider only identified as Kinyua said.

"We know all the leaders who have stuck with the DP all along, and those are the leaders we are going to stand with," he added.

Others noted that governor Waiguru had been gambling on BBI for a long time and only opted to make up her mind to ditch the ruling party after the document was thrown out by the court.

"She has been a fence seater for a long time. She was not listening to the ground like she has been saying, but only waited for BBI to be picked out to jump to UDA," another resident said.

Others also noted that the governor disappointed them by shifting camps. They noted that the Waiguru shouldn't have dumped Jubilee as she was seen as President Uhuru's point person in the Mt Kenya region.

They claimed that her move would hinder development in the county as she has now disappointed the President.

"We are not happy with the move. She should have remained in the ruling party since the government has invested a lot of funds in her county," Antony Murithi said.

"Ditching Jubilee for UDA has made Kirinyaga an orphan, she would not have made that decision in such a haste," Michael Comba added.

Others also noted that Waiguru made a bold move to move to DP Ruto's side as his party enjoys huge support in Central Kenya.

"That is a very bold move. Jubilee would not have served her interests during next year's elections. I will make sure I will vote for her next just because of her courage to ditch the ruling party," Gerald Ireria a resident of Kutus town said.