Killer cop Caroline Kangogo wanted to meet police officer’s kids before killing him – wife reveals

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On Sat, 10 Jul, 2021 08:14 | 2 mins read
Kangogo was in constant communication with Ongweno's wife. PHOTO: Courtesy

Fugitive killer cop Caroline Kangogo was in constant communication with Constable John Ogweno’s wife days before his death

Juliet Ogweno, the wife, says the woman used to call her and inquire on several issues but she never suspected that they could be dating.

The widow narrated how Kangogo’s would call her and brief her on several issues concerning her hubby, the latest being on Saturday; just three days to Ongweno’s death,

“On Thursday she called me informing me that John had arrived in Kericho for work-related matters. On Saturday, she called to confirm that John will come to the kids’ graduation which was to be this Saturday. That is the last conversation I had with her,” she said in an interview with local television.

Juliet adds that she started doubting her motive when she involved her children in her calls but said she was hesitant to doubt that something fishy was going on between her and the hubby.

According to Juliet, the serial killer cop once asked her to allow her two children to go to Nakuru so that they can be given a treat.

Prior to that, Juliet says she had been calling to ask how the kids are faring on adding that her calls had become regular.

“I took everything lightly. Every time she could call, she asked; how are the kids? How are you people faring on? I want John to one day come and pick the kids and bring them to Nakuru for some hangouts. To me, I wasn’t interested in giving her my kids but I wanted to stop her from nagging me. So whenever he asked whether John can pick the kids, I said it is okay,” Juliet added.

But even as Juliet was unaware of a romantic relationship between the two, her family knew something of sorts was going on.

These developments come even as detectives are pieces together information that will help in arresting corporal Kangogo who has been on the run after killing two people.