Kilifi: Exhumed body found intact 7 days later

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 14 Jun, 2021 13:02 | < 1 min read

The body of Fatma Mwero which was exhumed on Monday, June 7, by unknown people has finally been found seven days later.

The body was found intact in the same casket which was used to bury her just a few kilometres from where it had been buried in Kilifi County.

Her husband Daniel Chiro on Monday morning told K24 Digital that the family had found the body after seven days of looking for it.

“Indeed we have found the body of the deceased it was abandoned a few kilometres from where we had buried it,” he said.

The family had planned to conduct a ritual as per the Mijikenda custom and it would have been conducted at the open grave of the deceased.

In the plans, the ceremony would have involved the burial of a banana trunk which would have followed a prayer ceremony conducted by a priest in her house.

A few hours after the body had been exhumed the family was notified by the area Chief Anthony Njao on what was happening.

The intention of those who exhumed the body remains unknown with the family saying that the flowers which were on the grave were abandoned a few metres.

However, local media reported that the piece of land where the body was buried has a dispute.