Kijabe Four: Frank Obegi escaped death in 2021 before he met his end in horrid ordeal

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On Wed, 22 Jun, 2022 11:30 | 2 mins read
Kijabe Four: Frank Obegi escaped death in 2021 before he met his end in horrid ordeal
Frank Obegi, Elijah Omeka, Fred Mokaya and Moses Amenya. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Frank Obegi, Elijah Omeka, Fred Mokaya and Moses Amenya were brutally murdered and their mutilated bodies dumped in Kijabe forest and Magadi.

The four mysteriously disappeared before their bodies were found decomposing in Kiambu and Kajiado counties.

The quartet had been accused of being behind a cryptocurrency fraud mostly targeting victims outside the country, with reports indicating that just before they disappeared, they had fleeced their latest victim of Ksh1 million in bitcoin.

The bodies of Obegi, Omeka and Amenya were found in Lari while the badly mutilated body of Mokaya was discovered in Kiserian.

Mokaya reportedly disappeared soon after he went to Kasarani Police Station to report that his friends were missing.

Frank Obegi cheated death

Last year, Obegi and Amenya are said to have escaped death narrowly at a popular bar in Kasarani when they were saved by police officers.

The duo was reportedly cornered by one of their victims and were about to be lynched when police intervened to save the situation.

After they were released from custody, they relocated to their rural homes briefly, according to close friends.

“I am not surprised Obegi died in that manner. He who lives by the sword dies by the sword,” a friend said.

Another close friend identified on Twitter as “Babu Moja” said he and Obegi’s brother had warned him about his behaviour, but he never listened, adding that the gang began with ATM fraud before graduating to cryptocurrency.

“His brother Leyton and some of us at Seasons warned him several times… Rest easy bro Frank Obegi. Guys, kuleni jasho yenu tu, scamming won’t help at all,” he wrote.

He further insinuated that they could have been killed by associates of a person they had scammed.

“Mose (Amenya) is believed to have been the mastermind. The guy went on a spree of vengeful deadly mission to get his money back,” he wrote.

Another resident said Obegi had two credit cards, both of which did not have a PIN, which he would swipe in excess of Ksh10,000 at any given time. According to the receipts, the card owners were foreigners.

A former supervisor in a restaurant on Thika Road said Obegi would frequent the lounge and would only sit at the VIP section where a bottle of beer goes for Ksh500.

Obegi's brother Leyton said he last spoke to him on June 14 before his mutilated body and those of two others were discovered on Sunday, June 19 at Monkey Corner area, about 300 metres from the Mutarakwa-Mai Mahiu Road.

According to Obegi’s family members, his social media account had been deleted in unclear circumstances before his death and he had been offline for about five days.

Frank Obegi was a well-known influencer on Twitter. He became the talk of the town sometime in 2016 after critics accused him of plagiarising work and posting it as his own.