Kenya Kwanza principal Moses Wetangula sued for allegedly stealing dogs

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 15 Feb, 2022 21:02 | 2 mins read
Bungoma Senator and Kenya Kwanza principal Moses Wetangula. PHOTO/COURTESY

A businessman has sued Kenya Kwanza principal Moses Wetangula for allegedly stealing his dogs.

In August 2021, James Isokat accused the Bungoma Senator of failing to pay him after he supplied the then One Kenya Alliance principal with high breed dogs.

At the time, Isokat said he supplied the senator with well-trained and microchipped German shepherd dogs at his Karen residence on June 11, 2021, but the legislator had not paid him in full.

Months later, Wetangula has not cleared the debt and the businessman has now formally sued the senator.

Isokat’s lawyer Adhiambo Omondi on Tuesday, February 15, 2022, served Wetangula with a demand letter which was posted at his senate office and his Karen home.

“Having legally been mandated we, therefore, make the following demands; 1. A full, categorical acknowledgement in writing of the monies owed to our client, 2. A Kenya Shillings Three Hundred and Eighteen, One Hundred (KSHS. 318,100/-) cheque drawn to the undersigned law firms name and account for the settlement of the matter,” the demand letter in our possession read in part.

“TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that, we are under strict instructions from our client to promptly act and move to the Civil Court on his behalf to seek redress to this situation upon the lapse of the 14 working days in the event there is no forthcoming reasonable action from your end,” it adds.

Last year, Isokat likened Wetangula to a brave thief and maintained that the politician had stolen from him.

"Ameniibia mbwa zangu sababu tulielewana na hajanilipa (he has stolen my dogs because he has not kept his side of the bargain," Isokat told K24 Digital.

According to an invoice in our possession, Wetangula was charged Ksh348,000 but he only paid ksh100,000.

Isokat said that he had used all means in a bid to compel Wetangula to pay the remaining amount but the senator had 'blatantly' refused, according to copies of their communication in our possession.

“On June 11, 2021, Bungoma Senator ordered well-trained dogs and we delivered at his Karen residence, we charged him Sh348,100 but he only paid Sh100,000, the remaining was to be collected the following morning but he hasn’t paid up-to-date. He has been taking me around with numerous threats from his security guards,” Isokat said.

The businessman had reported the matter to Karen police station on July 8, 2021, and his case was booked in OB7A1N1N19/21.

According to audio clips in our possession, Wetangula is, at one point during their exchanges, heard saying that he won’t entertain James' behaviour of camping at his home and allegedly causing fracas.

Screenshots of his text messages to the Senator also revealed how he had been desperately trying to get the attention of the Mheshimiwa in regards to the pending payment.

He told this reporter that he had also written to the National Assembly and the Senate about the matter in a bid to get his money.

Last year, the Senator confirmed to K24 Digital that, he was in possession of the dogs but insisted that he wanted to be refunded his down payment for the farmer to take back his dogs.

“I have told that gentleman to bring back my deposit of Sh100, 000 and collect his grossly overpriced dogs. Tell him to deliver the payment to my home manager and take his dogs. I will not charge him for feeding and caring for them for the period they have been in my custody” Wetangula said adding that; “Besides, I may contemplate legal action against him for defamation and nuisance,” Wetangula said in a WhatsApp message.