Shock as 33-year-old house help collapses, dies in Kayole

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On Tue, 26 Jul, 2022 17:30 | 2 mins read
Image for representational purpose. PHOTO/Courtesy
Image for representational purpose. PHOTO/Internet

Police in Mihang’o, Kayole, have launched investigations into the death of a house help who collapsed and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital on Monday, July 25, 2022.

According to a police report seen by K24 Digital, Immaculate Lango was busy in her boss' house when she fainted and was rushed to Bristol Park hospital.

On arrival at the hospital, the doctors confirmed that the 33-year-old was dead.

"She fainted while in the house actively doing her house chores with no sign of sickness. She was taken to Bristol Park hospital and was confirmed dead on arrival at the hospital,” the police report stated.

The body did not have any visible injuries and was transferred to Mama Lucy Hospital Mortuary waiting for a postmortem.

Nurse found dead inside her house in Ruai

In another incident, in Ruai a nurse was found dead in her house after the neighbours noticed a foul smell coming from her house.

26-year-old Chelagat Cheruiyot who was a nurse at Myra IVF clinic was found lying dead with a drip on her left hand.

According to the police, the caretaker of the apartment where the deceased lived said there was a bad smell coming from the house.

The police found the door locked from the inside and when they broke it, they discovered the lifeless body.

“It was reported that a bad smell was coming from the house in one of the bedsitters. The caretaker called the tenant and when he went there he found the door locked from the inside. They called the police who came and broke the door and found the lifeless body,” the police report read in part.

During a search of the house, the police recovered two empty bottles of 2ML Opifen, 100 2 ML of Diazepam injection, Two empty bottles of 20ML of Tryptophol, and  2ML of Adrenaline.

The body was moved to the city mortuary awaiting postmortem.

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