Senator Karen Nyamu tables motion to ban Aluta Sunday

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On Thu, 30 Nov, 2023 17:02 | 2 mins read
Senator Karen Nyamu tables motion to ban Aluta Sunday
UDA-nominated Senator Karen Nyamu. PHOTO/(@karenzo.nyamu)/Instagram

UDA-nominated Senator Karen Nyamu on Thursday, November 30, 2023, officially tabled her motion to ban Aluta Sunday.

Nyamu stood on the floor of the house seeking a statement from the committee of National Security, Defence and Foreign Relations over what she termed an upsurge of Aluta - a popular trend involving selling alcohol and other substances, partying and clubbing beyond the recommended time.

While revealing the motion was inspired by the death of her campus friend, Nyamu argued that Kenya should imitate the developed world's partying culture where nightclubs are closed at 2:00 a.m.

In her submission, Nyamu listed five issues for the committee to address in their statement.

Nyamu asked the committee to outline plans if any by the government to address the rise of uncontrolled partying and clubbing beyond the recommended time.

She sought comprehensive statistics of licenced bars and pubs with a detailed explanation demonstrating if these outlets pose risks to neighbouring environs.

Further, she asked the committee to state measures by the government to ensure strict adherence to legally stated hours of operation by alcohol-selling joints.

Karen Nyamu also wants the statement to include the government's plans to ban and control Aluta activities.

In her final requirement, she told the Senate, that the committee should- "...outline government initiative to address the growing number of wines and spirits outlets within residential estates places and clarify whether there are legislative gaps to regulate consumption of alcohol."

In support of the motion, nominated senator Gloria Orwoba argued that while regulations are necessary, it is the parent's responsibility to guide their children over alcoholism and substance abuse.

"While I support the regulation of nightclubs and the sale of alcohol, I call upon all parents to stop outsourcing 'parenting' and do their job. It all comes down to choices and your children's choices will be influenced by your parenting or lack of the same," Orwoba stated.

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