Kanjos brutality on CBD hawkers still rampant despite warning by County Committee

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 10 Dec, 2021 15:00 | 2 mins read
County Inspectorate Officers aka Kanjo at work. PHOTO/Nairobi City County.

City Inspectorate brutality on CBD hawkers is still rampant despite them receiving a warning after appearing before the Nairobi County Assembly's Legal Affairs Committee.

A victim of the brutality, identified as Purity, who appeared before the Legal Affairs Committee last week to testify on how the City Inspectorate officers sexually harassed her, has been attacked again by the City Inspectorate.

Narrating her incidence to K24 Digital, Purity says she was working normally when the City askaris arrived and she gave them money as usual. She later gave bribes to other four askaris, who later came back and harassed her while bundling her into their vehicle.

"They came and I gave them the money as usual. I gave three hundred bob to four of them. The rest who had not got anything now came back after Rang'o asked me to close the business," she sadly narrated.

It is in the struggle that she was hit by a rungu on the head and was badly injured.

"In the struggle as they carried me by the legs as they beat me with a club, tearing my t-shirt. I surrendered and got into the vehicle," she added.

On more investigations into the story, it was identified that the rest of the hawkers with whom she had been arrested, gave cash to the Inspectorate and were left free.

"They told me they don't need my cash and will instead take me to the City hall magistrate court," Wangari added.

Last week the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee chair, Joseph Komu led a probe where the hawkers were testifying the trouble they go through in the hand of the Inspectorate.

Nairobi City Inspectorate has been ranked as the most corrupt on the executive side and accused of extorting money from hawkers and when not given they end up injuring them.

A few months ago, another hawker was hit and his teeth removed after he failed to give them hinder shillings as a bribe.