Kang’ata wants pending bi*ls audited as he takes over Murang’a county leadership

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 25 Aug, 2022 20:30 | 2 mins read
Murang'a county governor elect Irungu Kang'ata taking the oath of office. PHOTO/Wangari Njuguna
Murang'a county governor elect Irungu Kang'ata taking the oath of office. PHOTO/Wangari Njuguna

Murang’a county governor Irungu Kang’ata has said he will ensure a thorough audit of the pending bills as he takes over the county's leadership from outgoing governor Mwangi was Iria.

Kang’ata said reports from the assumption of the office committee show that he is inheriting a hefty debt of close to Ksh 2 billion that his predecessor owes contractors.

Speaking after being sworn in with his deputy Stephen Munania at Ihura stadium, he said he will only pay the contractors who can prove they delivered.

“I will write to the auditor general to have a thorough audit done on the pending bills and only pay those who have done the work and weed out the ghost contractors,” he said.

“We are not going to enrich a few people who used scrupulous means to drain public funds whereas the money could have been used for other development projects,” Kanga’ata added.

Further, the governor said the county shall come up with a payment plan for these contractors pointing out that it’s not possible to pay them one-off.

“If we decide to pay the bills at once, the development kitty will be affected and we will not be able to establish any new project in the county,” he said.

He also pointed out that the books of the accounts for the county are adverse and it might take him some time to rectify them and gets things running smoothly.

He promised to look at the welfare of the workers saying they will be getting their pay on time and they will, also be getting promotions on based merit.

“It’s very bad to have workers go for three or four months without pay yet they are offering services to the public,” he remarked.

“We will come up with a structure to ensure the workers are paid on time because they too have their needs,” he added.

The governor also said he will be keen to implement his manifesto which he said will act as a guide to his development agenda. Health, education, infrastructure and agriculture top his priority list.

"I made promises to the people of Murang’a and I will make sure I fulfil them during my term in office,” he said.

He also vowed to push for the ward development fund which he said will help create equal development in the counties.

The governor also said he will be working closely with other leaders in the county pointing out that he does not have the monopoly of knowledge and thus he will require their input in running the county.

"We can work together as a team to generate ideas which will help transform this county and the livelihood of the people” he added.

The swearing-in ceremony was presided over by Justice Margaret Muigai.