Kakamega: Three hospitalised after consuming meat from a sick cow

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On Sun, 12 Jun, 2022 12:24 | < 1 min read
Residents slaughtering a cow. PHOTO/Courtesy.
Residents slaughtering a cow. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Three people from Kakamega have been admitted to Shibwe hospital in Ikolomani constituency after reportedly consuming meat from a sick cow.

The hospital's clinical officer, Brian Angadi confirmed the incident stating that the patients were admitted with anthrax-like symptoms after consuming meat from a cow infected with anthrax.

"The three people were diagnosed with anthrax disease. We have tried our best in treating them and managed to stabilize them," he stated.

While expressing concern, Angadi highlighted that more patients could be flocking the hospital since the meat was shared among a number of villagers.

Kakamega resident recalls ordeal

One of the patients, Gilbert Mukumba, said he was called by his friends who asked him to help them slaughter a cow and get free meat in return.

Honouring the invite, he assisted the three in slaughtering the cow and walked home with his share.

Things went on smoothly until he started developing blisters on his limbs, later the symptoms persisted weakening his body.

"I particularly developed skin lesions and itchy swellings on my limbs. I applied herbal medicine but it did not work. When I went to the hospital doctors told me I consumed meat from a sick cow," he stated.

The area residents have been urged to report to the hospital whenever they experience anthrax-like symptoms.

Anthrax is a severe bacterial disease of sheep and cattle, that causes acute and often fatal septicaemia, and is also transmissible to humans.

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